Quality Guarantee

If your product does not match the artwork order confirmation we will replace yours goods.

Price Guarantee

We will beat any advertised stock product price by 5%

Delivery time Guarantee

We guarantee to meet the delivery time provided or you will receive a 5% discount

Quality Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • 1If your product does not match the artwork order confirmation we will replace yours goods.
  • 2PMS colours and CMYK colours appear differently on different sub-straights ie: metal, material, paper, wood, plastic etc. While we will match as close as possible to this we cannot guarantee that your logo will 100% be the exact PMS or CMYK match due to these sub-straight issue. Any colour variables created by the base material of items laser engraved or items printed are not included in this guarantee;
  • 3It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide the artwork or art in the correct forms required. Seamless is not responsible for inferior artwork and any artwork provided that is not in accordance with our specifications does not carrying the guarantee;
  • 4If the purchaser requests the artwork size to be outside that of the recommended guidelines set down and advised this guarantee is void or invalid
  • 5First time orders where the purchaser has requested NO "pre-production" sample are not included in this guarantee;
  • 6In the event that your order is considered a rush order, ie; it is outside the standard recommended delivery time, this guarantee does not apply and the risk is born by the purchaser
  • 7If you change your artwork in any way after the request of the job to proceed this guarantee does not apply
  • 8All conditions must be strictly met for this guarantee to apply
  • 9Any order that is placed as a urgent job is the responsibility of the purchaser. Any order less than 2-weeks or without a pre-production sample can have difficulties including PMS colour variations, artwork variations and product variations. We will endeavor to meet your time line requested however we are not responsible for these variations. Any additional freight charges to get these goods to you on time will be applied after the job has been delivered.

Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • 10The product must be a standard stock available promotional product and be the exact item made from the same manufacturing plant.
  • 11This does not apply to custom made or non standard products
  • 12This guarantee does not include discounted, subsidized or promotion items
  • 13This guarantee only includes stock items
  • 14The product must be advertised or marketed for sale in the general market place and does not include competitors "quoted" products
  • 15This guarantee does not include reduced advertised prices by your "contracted" promotional product provider
  • 16This guarantee applies to deposit paid and C.O.D orders only. Credit term clients cannot receive this guarantee without prior approval
  • 17 This guarantee only applies to products found on our seamlessmerchandise.com.au website
  • 18This guarantee cannot be applied if the purchaser has already approved our standard pricing and therefore is not retrospective;
  • 19All conditions must be strictly met for this guarantee to apply
  • 20For any of the guarantee's to work you must provide artwork to the size and specifications required ready to be applied to the product. In the event that seamlessmerchandise.com.au are required to Set the artwork to size the cost is $90 + GST per hour.
  • 21A deposit or company credit card must be provided for security for any artwork order confirmation to commence

Delivery time guarantee

  • 22This guarantee only includes standard products and not custom made to order
  • 23Stock must be available at the time of receiving your deposit & approval and the guarantee will only apply if we have given it in writing based on these conditions being met;
  • 24Any delay, longer than 24-hours, in approving the order will mean this guarantee is invalid
  • 25Any delay in receiving your artwork to size and specifications, ie longer than 24-hours, means this guarantee is invalid or void
  • 26The order confirmation or OC must be approved in writing, a deposit paid and C.OD payment made otherwise the standard prices applies
  • 27This guarantee applies only to dispatch from our warehouse any delay with freight forwarders is not the responsibility of Seamless or our orders
  • 28Any general acts of GOD or Industry actions: including, but not limited to hurricane, earthquake, storms, employee strikes, freight forwarder delays etc, that may delay your order are not included in this guarantee
  • 29This guarantee only applies to products found on our seamlessmerchandise.com.au . All conditions must be strictly met for this guarantee to apply
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