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Seamless provides promotional products, retail products & corporate catalogue programs to corporate clients including Cancer Council, P&O Cruise Lines, HelloworldRip Curl, Tough Mudder, The Australian Government, Nova, Call of Duty, Darell Lea and many more. See what our clients say and some of their client stories here.

Seamless Award Winning Founder & Director, Jason Diamond, has designed, concept, manufactured, warehoused, distributed, marketed and provided web merchandise solutions for promotional products clients over 20-years, in both Australia and internationally, ensuring our entire team are lead & driven by a top industry professional. 

"After studying business I was lucky to start my career working for an industry leader in promotional products, there my real education began and I was shown how to focus on "adding value" to products, to create the WOW factor, with accountability. From day one I learned to understand our clients brand/s, goals and corporate governance needs to create corporate catalogue programs.

These key requirements never change, no matter the era, and today, 22-years later, these remain the key elements in training, guiding and advising our staff.

We give your brand the respect it deserves so you give us the business we earn!

Talk is cheap, don't take my word for it just yet, see why what our clients say here or some of their clients stories here. Then judge for yourself, is Seamless Merchandise right for you?"    

Jason Diamond - Founder

Over 79% of all promotional product merchandise ranges fail or are in the process of failing, click here to arrange your consultation today.  

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What's seamless about Seamless Merchandise

We sell promotional products and corporate catalogue programs. It's our unique and all encompassing options that make us a 'seamless' choice for your brand. Read More

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Promotional Products Suppliers

From a home business to Australia's leading promotional material suppliers: the story of Seamless Merchandise

Jason Diamond is the living embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit. Like many great success stories, Jason's achievement had a humble beginning.

Starting with little more than a dream and a willingness to work hard, Jason built his client portfolio steadily, always focusing on the top end of the market. Some would see this as a risky strategy, but Jason persevered because he always knew you have to take quality to those who can appreciate it. He also knew that quality is the most important attribute in the manufacturing and supply of promotional products.

You can still see this passion for excellence reflected in the products and services provided by Seamless Merchandise today. After more than 22 years in business, the only thing which has changed is we have gotten bigger. Our client portfolio includes some of the biggest and most well-known brands in the world, and they come to us because they know they can rely on us to consistently provide excellence.

Success built on integrity

From those early days, we have grown to be Australia's leading promotional material suppliers, but we have never forgotten where we started. Jason is still a driving force in the company as CEO, but today we employ hundreds of people in offices all around Australia and even overseas. We offer thousands of product lines and we have an extensive client list of major corporations.

This is no fluke. The business was built day by day, hour by hour, and every deal was done without ever compromising on quality or value. An often misunderstood fact is that in the marketing business, integrity is everything. A marketing company that sacrifices integrity for short term gains will lose the most important asset, which is public trust.

Joseph Sugarman, an award-winning ad writer, was a staunch advocate for credibility and truthfulness in advertising. That's not a value most people would associate with modern marketing. His message was clear, though. Without trust, you have nothing. People buy based on a trust decision, and establishing credibility is the foundation upon which sales are built.

At Seamless Merchandise, we understand that concept very well. We provide flawless products to our clients because we know that our reputation and theirs is riding on everything we provide. We take that responsibility seriously, and that's why we've managed to grow a major business based on one man's vision and commitment.

To this day, Seamless Merchandise is a business that values integrity above all else. We accept nothing less than excellence from ourselves, and that is what we deliver to our clients.

True B2B service

Seamless Merchandise is a business that sells exclusively to other businesses. We have expert marketing consultants who can help you develop ideas for promotional campaigns, skilled graphic designers who can bring your vision to life, and top quality manufacturing experts who will put your image on the best products money can buy.

We are with you at every step, and we will provide a personal, dedicated level of service you would have a hard time finding elsewhere. We are Australia's leaders in promotional product marketing, and we are determined to remain at the top.

Put our success to work for you in your next promotional campaign and see for yourself what an ass asstasset we can be for your company.

asset our promotional products can be.

Seamless Merchandise supply a huge range of promotional products throughout Australia. Some of our products include promotional pens, promotional coffee mugs with lids, custom hats & a huge range of high quality promotional gifts for your customers.

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Promotional Products

Seamless Merchandise staff are award winning & nominated promotional product professionals whom can directly help you concept products that will suit your brand, goals and your target audience, contact us now for your free 20-minute consultation. Alternativelly with over 45'000 product prices online across 310 categories you have the option of choosing your own promotional products.

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Promotional Products Design

To be seamless your in-house design must appreciate the relationship between products, decoration branding needs, material types, client requirements, corporate guidelines and colours. We consider ourselves to be a market innovator when it comes to designing products that our clients can be proud of. See some of our work here.

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Promotional Products Branding

From CMYK sublimation full colour printing, to laser engraving, debossing, screen, transfer and pad printing through to foil stamping, embroidery, rubber or metal badge logos our award winning team have your decoration needs covered. Stock products for logo or custom design for your brand.  

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Promotional Products Marketing

When you build a promotional products catalogue range you don't want it to sit in a warehouse, so you need to communicate. For 22-years we have helped our clients communicate with either internal or external audiences. From websites intranets to web shops to HTML newsletters, catalogues, display cases in outlets, offices and franchises to offers programs we have you covered.  

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Promotional Products Warehousing

Many of our customers see the benefits of larger volume manufacturing, such as lower prices and full customisation to their brands, but lack the space to store the goods or the stock management controls they need to keep the products accountable. As an Australian Government approved & audited warehouse we are able to stock standard, and duty or tax free goods. At Seamless we have what you need to make the right choice for your business a seamless experience.  

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Promotional Products Distribution

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Promotional Products Ecommerce Websites

As a part of the seamless experience we produce web porthole stores for our clients to help them sell, communicate or provide access for staff or retail audiences that enable accountable access for the branded promotional products or retails cost centre products. These shops can be set for internal or external use, can allow for cost centre allocation or cash/credit payment options depending on your need. Our stock portholes manage products, stock levels (inventory), distribution management, tracking and much more. Check put a small example here.

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